Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brunching on the west side

It's been about two or so years since my last post, not that anyone reads this anyway... But I have been finding that many Angelenos are stumped on where to get the best brunch. I thought I would jot some of my favorites down:

Boozy brunch- Hals's Bar and Grill. It is my boyfriend's VERY favorite. The Bloodies are great and the Eggs Beny are fabulous, they have options for both vegetarians and carnivores. My personal favorite is the omelette with chardonnay onions, cheddar cheese and bacon (I order egg whites to offset the rest of the fat). They also give you biscuits and mini muffins to start served with whipped butter and jam. I love a place that gives you breakfast apps.

Pretty Patio- The Rose Cafe has a gorgeous, giant patio in a lush garden setting. Their brunch menu is rather large and has tons of options. And I always hate waiting for a table when I'm starved after a morning workout but at the Rose there is rarely a wait. I love their deli case salads and breakfast burrito. Fish tacos are great for lunch as well.

By the Beach- Shutters, need I say more? Be prepared to wait and pay a hefty valet fee. But what an amazing spot.

With your girls- World Cafe is always fun with groups, great patio and it always smells good. After the Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings, gather friends around a table. Food is not why we go but when you are with the girls, who cares! Order some cheap chard, have it chilled and order up some small dishes to share. They do a great hummus plate. I prefer their apps to their entrees.

Romantic- Geoffrey's of Malibu is so unbelievably beautiful. Mimosas are the best in town because they use quality champagne, but they do not come cheap. The food is to die for and you cannot forget that view. It is the best in all of LA or Santa Barbara counties, for all I am concerned.

French Breakie- Anisette Brasserie- Most amazing oysters and french onion soup. They do their eggs very well. I would KILL for one of their bloodies, too. They do it all right. To save some do-re-me, go for brunch vs. dinner.

Best scrambles- The Omelette Parlor on Main Street. I love their scrambles and omelettes, I always order egg whites and they do them well. They also have fantastic potatoes and I don't even like potatoes. Very low key and zero attitude.

Best brunch time burger- Three Square Cafe and Bakery. The old Rockenwagner bakers are at it again. The pretzel bun makes this burger so other worldly. And those grilled onions mixed with high quality meat... scrumptious. If not in the mood for a burger, try their bratwurst, grilled onions and eggs. Also divine.

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